Transworld Technologies to Present Its Technical Program at the 2016 World Heavy Oil Congress

September 8, 2016
September 8, 2016

Technical Program Session with Roland DeBruyn at the World Heavy Oil Congress September 9, Calgary, Alberta

GOLDEN, CO, August 30, 2016 – Transworld Technologies Inc. (“Transworld Technologies” or “TTI”) announced today that Roland DeBruyn, Vice President of Engineering/Operations is scheduled to present Improving the Performance of Mature CHOPS Waterfloods at the World Heavy Oil Congress, Stampede Park, Palomino Room A/B, 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, Alberta on Friday, September 9 at 4:00 P.M. Mountain Time.

Technical Program
Communities of microbes live in many mature waterfloods, especially those producing heavy oil. The microbes gain their energy by breaking down portions of the oil to smaller molecules, and ultimately to methane. This is a natural process, responsible for transforming lighter oils into basin-scale deposits of very heavy oil (examples: Athabasca and Orinoco), and biodegrading the oils present in numerous other oil reservoirs. The process can be made to work in commercial time by providing the microbes with chemical activators in dilute concentrations. Once stimulated, the microbes will produce methane gas. In conventional reservoir rocks, the new methane acts as an effective and durable flow diversion agent, expanding the waterflood’s swept zone and increasing oil recovery. Important aspects of this technology are its focus on stimulation of native microbes where they already live, without inoculation with any new microbes, and without introduction of significant chemical changes to the reservoir environment. The patented biological science has been under development for more than ten years, and field deployments underway for five years. The chemical activators are benign, and easy to handle in the field. Advanced and highly-specialized laboratory science is used to identify suitable waterflooded oilfields, and the specific activator formulations needed in each field. But once in the field, the operational aspects are simple, and easy to bolt onto existing field infrastructure. CHOPS waterfloods have demonstrated unusually strong performance, usually attributed to the presence of exsolved solution gas that is retained within the reservoir during waterflooding. This paper will describe reservoir mechanisms by which a phase of new methane gas in a waterflooded CHOPS reservoir might provide additional waterflood performance enhancement.

Activ8 and ReActiv8 BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery Solutions
Transworld Technologies offers two BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery (BioEOR) solutions, including Activ8 for mature oil fields on waterflood and ReActiv8 for biogenic gas reservoirs. These solutions are deployed after a thorough scientific analysis of the reservoir environment, including DNA sequencing of the microbial communities living within the reservoir to develop a custom treatment to enhance oil recovery. By distributing Activ8 within the swept zone of the reservoir, microbes are energized in a way that broadly changes conditions resulting in increased oil production.

TTI has significantly advanced the science surrounding microbial EOR based on its improved understanding of how native microbes can be activated to increase sweep efficiency and oil contact within the reservoir. TTI’s solution is to inject its patented formulation into oil reservoirs using the operator’s existing waterflood infrastructure. Once activated the native microbial populations already present within the formation will create methane bubbles to divert water flow into the unswept area of the reservoir to increase oil production. This technique revolutionizes microbial EOR solutions and gave rise to BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery (BioEOR) technology.

About Transworld Technologies Inc.
Transworld Technologies Inc. provides BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery solutions to mature oil and gas fields. Our technology is designed to increase recovery factors, accelerate production, and extend the economic life of declining oil and biogenic gas reservoirs. This technology strengthens the long-term value of these mature assets. Our patented and proprietary bioscience works in conventional oil and biogenic gas reservoirs. By leveraging existing infrastructure to deploy our technology, no additional capital costs are incurred.

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Steve DeSalvo
Vice President Business Development
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