Transworld Technologies And Imaginea Energy to Initiate Bioenhanced Oil Recovery Project In Alberta, Canada

December 14, 2016

GOLDEN, CO, December 14, 2016 – Transworld Technologies Inc. (“Transworld Technologies” or “TTI”) announced today that a field implementation agreement has been signed with Imaginea Energy (“Imaginea”) to deploy TTI’s patented BioEnhanced Oil Recovery Technology in Imaginea’s Jenner Oil Field located in Alberta, Canada. The BioEOR project will be deployed in the first quarter of 2017.

“Transworld Technologies is excited about the opportunity to work with Imaginea Energy on its first BioEOR project in Canada. This project represents Transworld’s commitment to expansion into the Canadian market and establishes a path forward for TTI in this important oil region,” said Karl Weber, President of Transworld Technologies. Additionally, “Transworld is fortunate to have found a forward-thinking partner like Imaginea, we are dedicated to do something special at Jenner”. Under the agreement, TTI in collaboration with Imaginea will deploy its Activ8 BioEOR Technology into the Jenner Oil Field located in southern Alberta. By adding TTI’s Activ8 custom formulation into the reservoirs waterflood swept zone, the native microbial processes activate to increase sweep efficiency and oil production within the reservoir. The Activ8 EOR process is low cost, durable, and effective; enabling operators to extract more oil out of existing pools on secondary waterflood with no additional investment.

Imaginea Energy’s CEO Suzanne West said, “As part of Imaginea’s 3P (Planet, People, Profit) mindset, we are looking to create new innovative and deeply collaborative relationships that benefit both parties and we are grateful when we find partners like TTI who are aligned with our mindset and

willing to work towards common purpose and benefit. Imaginea is also looking for technology that moves us closer to our vision of producing clean hydrocarbons. We are excited to test this technology with TTI, as it has the potential to significantly reduce our conformance issues and reduce inefficient cycling of water, which reduces energy requirements and therefore improved associated emissions. There are “AND” solutions to making our businesses better. We just have to look for them and be willing to try them.”

About Transworld Technologies Inc.
Transworld Technologies Inc. is a privately held energy services company based in Golden, Colorado USA. Transworld is the leader in the advanced bioscience surrounding microbial processes involved in EOR utilizing its superior understanding of how native microbes are activated to increase sweep efficiency and oil contact within the reservoir. Its BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery technology is designed to increase recovery factors, accelerate production, and extend the economic life of declining oil and biogenic gas reservoirs. Transworld’s patented and proprietary bioscience works in conventional oil reservoirs on secondary waterflood and biogenic gas reservoirs.

About Imaginea Energy
Imaginea Energy Corp. is an energy company backed by private equity, and based in Calgary, Canada. Imaginea produces oil and gas. Over 5500 boe/d… for now. What’s really interesting is how they go about getting it, and the role they see clean hydrocarbons playing in the future. Imaginea is defying industry stereotypes by focusing on sustainability and community responsibility in everything they do, which means caring about the planet and people just as much as they do about profit – which is to say, a lot.

Imaginea believes the energy industry can be a force for good in all three of the Ps – And through collaboration, courage, commitment, and creativity they are going to demonstrate that it can be done. The company is currently focused on optimizing their assets to minimize emissions, pollution and the use of fresh water, with a goal to have none of the above – that’s right, we’re on the road to zero (not net-zero!). In our future, we envision a regenerative economy where clean hydrocarbons are used to produce clean energy, and as clean feedstock for manufacturing.

Vision Statement: We want the same thing you want.
An energy industry that’s much better for the planet, and for people, and for profit.

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Steve DeSalvo
Vice President Business Development
Transworld Technologies Inc.