Get Started

BioEOR is a cost-effective way to extend the life and productivity of your existing asset.

All-in costs are very competitive with other EOR methods. The following expenses are included in our fees:

  • Drawing water samples from the reservoir.
  • Installation of the delivery system along with associated training.
  • Use of the skid-mounted unit that contains the system.
  • The BioEOR chemical solution.
  • Ongoing sampling and analysis and delivery of resulting data.

Beginning is easy.


Step 1

Contact TTI at 303.515.5400 or We will conduct an initial screen to determine if your operation is a candidate for BioEOR. We will look at criteria including your downhole temperature, salinity (mg/liter) and sulfate concentrations (mg/liter). We will also search our extensive databases to review the biological and chemical characteristics of your field.

Step 2

If your project is a candidate, a work order will authorize TTI to begin. Our team will collect a 3-5 gallon, anaerobic sample of produced water from production wells at your site. We use proprietary techniques to protect the native biology of the reservoir. The sample is tested at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Golden, Colorado, using DNA sequencing to determine which species of bacteria are present in the reservoir, their metabolic functions and methane generation rates.

An activity assay confirms if BioEOR will effectively produce more methane in the reservoir, and a chemical analysis confirms if the water chemistry is suitable.

Step 3

We deliver a detailed report that includes an analysis of reservoir suitability for BioEOR, metabolic maps of the bacteria present in the reservoir and an evaluation of methane generation.

We arrange to begin BioEOR operations at your site.

Step 4

We build a custom chemical solution suitable to optimize methane generation at your site.

We deliver a turnkey chemical delivery system to your site on a single semi that is housed in a small, skid-mounted shipping container. The system is tied into your electrical system, requiring few amps of 110-120v or 480v power.

We provide setup and training and leave you with safety data sheets and a hazard mitigation plan.

Step 5

TTI conducts periodic monitoring of the produced fluids and production activity to ensure the biological community is responding properly to BioEOR. This includes:

  • Chemical evaluation of treatment uptake.
  • Biological changes in population and function.
  • Pressure and production changes to measure waterflood improvements.

Samples are collected, analyzed by our team and approved by third-party analytical services.

Typically, operators see results from the BioEOR process in three to six months. Depending on the size of the waterflood, a full application of the BioEOR solution can be delivered in three months. Results may be realized over several years.

When response begins to decline, many fields are suitable for another round of BioEOR solution because substantial saturations of residual oil will continue to exist.