TTI's research and development team is focused on enhancing oil production by developing technologies that apply to the chemistry, physics and biology of the subsurface. Both applied and basic research take place at TTI's state-of-the-art lab in Golden, Colorado.

Chemical EOR

We are actively investigating new developments in nonbiological chemical treatments for enhanced oil recovery. These include gas injection, chemical water modification and viscosity/mobility modification.

Biological wellbore treatments

We are developing methods for the removal of scale and wax with temporary injections of microbes.

Biological and chemical evaluation services

We have the ability to advise clients on the optimal use of chemicals in their operations to control many problems such as biocorrosion, scale removal and use of biocides. We will provide this service to optimize client experience and complement current chemical treatment programs clients may use.

Proprietary and innovative molecular biology services

Using our knowledge of molecular and microbiology of the environment, we are developing a suite of tools and techniques that can be used by clients to better understand complex biological problems such as souring and biocorrosion. We have also developed custom molecular and microbiological assays for project specific requirements.