Jordan Bradfish

Principal Scientist – Biology

Jordan joined TTI in 2014 and leads the company’s research in molecular biology and microbiology. Jordan developed the proprietary DNA sequencing methodology used for TTI’s reservoir microbiome characterization. The process is fundamental in TTI's progressive and industry-leading understanding of the bacterial interactions that occur in hydrocarbon reservoirs, a cornerstone of TTI's BioEOR product. Jordan's research focuses on developing new methods to more completely understand the changing subsurface microbiome and then leverage these changes to improve enhanced oil recovery processes. Prior to joining TTI, Jordan specialized in characterization of the microbial communities present in hydrocarbon reservoirs with Luca Technologies. The result of his work is the world’s largest, most extensive library of DNA isolated from underground hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Jordan earned a BS in Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology and in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.